Thursday, 7 October 2010

Blank canvas

Alex and I have enjoyed sailing our small yachts around the coast of Pembrokeshire and the Bristol Channel for a good many years. During that time I have become attached to images of working boats such as that of the tug "Anglegarth" above. I sold this painting a few years ago but still hold on to a number of my favourite working boat paintings. I also have a number which I have yet to do. As they are generally quite detailed I have to set aside some time to do them.
They are therefore quite expensive and a limited market. I have an image in mind of one of the Fisher tankers coming in the West Channel at St Annes Head with the light behind it and I guess I will get around to painting it one day.
Today I did a painting of the River Usk at Brynich, Brecon where the road goes over the canal and river. We also took our camper van to Poniets for its MOT. I visited my mom walked the dog a couple of times and we stripped off a lot of wallpaper ready for coving to be put up in the halls.
Tomorrow I would like to say is a blank canvas but the list is already getting longer

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