Sunday, 17 August 2014

Without Question - Winter Morning Dinefwr Castle

Winter morning Dinefwr Castle. The above painting sold during the exhibition in Aberglasney Mansion. I have generally got on with painting while I have been there basically because I have still got commissions with a deadline. So while I am stood there in my smock and paint brush in hand I get some pretty interesting questions.

" Are you him the artist Mark Cox?"

"What is the name of the red flower outside?"
"I am sorry I don't know I am just exhibiting here."
"So how old is the Yew Tunnel?"                                          errr

"Are you a painter?"                                                             

"I see you have a degree in art did you learn anything at college?"
Ha priceless funniest question yet

To be fair (as my sister would say) most of the questions are very sensible and the comments embarrassingly nice.

Most asked question 

"How long does it take you to paint a picture?"
Depends on size and complexity but from one day to five.

Second most asked 

"Do you paint from photographs?"
I paint from life, and use reference material from sketches, from memory and from photographs.
It all depends on the subject and the Great British weather. 

Third most asked question

"Where's the tea rooms?"

Link it had to be Moody Blues

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