Sunday, 3 August 2014

Golden Memories - Abersytwyth

I have mentioned I have been very busy this week. One of the paintings I was working on was a commission for a couple who were celebrating their Golden Wedding. The proposal took place on Aberystwyth Promenade in the Bandstand. A lovely story and I needed to make sure that the painting reflected it. I wanted a nice sunny day with a sea breeze, a timeless painting that could be from any particular decade. I was up to my eyes in work but fortunately I have developed my own way of working which suits me and cuts out a lot of preliminary stages.

This is the first stage quickly roughing out of the composition in turps and burnt sienna /french ultramarine. The tonal composition is worked out here (darks and light values).

It is then a matter of painting in and sharpening detail as appropriate. With the greatest detail in the foreground. Putting the flag in at the end could be a problem if it went wrong as the sky would have to be completely reworked but it went fine.

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