Wednesday, 20 August 2014

An odd day.

The above painting of surfers on the Gower sold at the exhibition this week. It was a funny day yesterday a couple of people were very lucky and we had a few friends call in.
It was nice to see you Geraint, thanks for dropping in. Erica called in and had lunch with Alex. It was really good to see Wendy Powell Jones and her friend Sian. Wendy is a fine artist and one of the best watercolourists I know.

We also had a few interesting visitors:
I watched as an immaculately dressed woman approached Alex sat in the Exhibition.

Alex looked up, smiled and said, "Good afternoon."
No reply
Alex again thinking maybe the lady(?) was aurally challenged. "Good afternoon."
No Reply.

The woman stood over Alex, looked down her nose and said in a very annoying voice,
" Do you give back cash and pointed to the card machine?"
(Well even if we had she wouldn't have got any). I watched with interest and slightly hid in my book. Two things both Alex and I hate are bad manners and snobs.Amazingly in the event all Alex said was,
"Where would I get money." I could see a few tempting options for Alex to reply but with relative good grace she replied .
"The bank in Llandeilo."
The woman turned and stalked off.

A few minutes later Alex was still steaming when a man walked up to her.I won't say what he was wearing but he looked like a knob.
Alex smiled and said,"Good afternoon."
He ignored her her pleasantry looked down his nose like he had trodden on something and said,
"Nympharium." (This is a rather splendid indoor greenhouse with a made up name).
Alex looked at him and said nothing. I was creeping out of  the door by this point waiting for the explosion.
"Where is the nympharium? " he repeated like he was talking to his lowest footman.
To Alex's credit and my incredulity she said,"If you would like to go out of the door through the hall and take the door on the right."
With that he stomped off looking for his nymphomaniac sorry nympharium.

Where do these people come from? On another day Alex would have wiped the floor with them. (If my children had behaved like that I would have ended up being arrested for using corporal punishment).

On a lighter note I did a painting in the exhibition of a shepherd and his sheep. A few days later an elderly lady came over and saw it and spent some time looking at it. She said she loved it and how much was it. I was quite moved and gave her a very nominal price. She said she couldn't afford even that and a bit upset she left the room.  A while later she came back just to stare at it. When she left I just gave it to her and seeing her reaction was more payment than I could have ever asked for.

Link remember this?

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