Sunday, 24 August 2014


The above painting of Broadhaven sold last week. It portrays a family group on the wet sands.

Yesterday we bought new hub caps for our camper nothing earth shattering about that.(?)

We had bought some new ones a few months ago. They were polished steel and very expensive (well in my mind anyway). They looked great but I had a hell of a job trying to get them on. I tried one and couldn't get it on.
I phoned the company and they said, "its just a knack, give it a tap." ( I think they had a mental picture of an old decrepit feeble pensioner) ( okay, okay).
I tried one. I gave it a tap, nothing so I gave it a harder "tap". It went on but had a rather obvious dent in it now. I thought "maybe I have the hang of it now. Maybe they do fit."
Should I try another?  I stupidly tried another it went on but had an even larger dent in it. NO! They clearly didn't fit although they were the correct size for that size wheel.

I then had to get them off. I did get them off ...eventually but I  sent back two pristine hub caps and two pre-loved bent pieces of polished metal sculpture.
Understandably the company were not best pleased, but credit to them they did refund me in full.

Anyway after this drama we left it for a while and then yesterday we saw a set in a local dealers which we liked and bought. These however were plastic and would avoid the unpleasantness of fitting them. Alex fitted two and then found the other two didn't fit. They had no internal spring to hold the prongs out so they just fell off!

Maybe we weren't meant to have hubcaps? Or is it us?

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