Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Spitfire in the clouds

The above painting was collected yesterday by a nice couple from Hampshire. I felt a bit sorry for them having to travel all that way on a Bank Holliday Monday. Anyway they were very happy with it.

You know when you were kids how you would take off a hub cap of a neighbours car and put stones in it before putting it back? Well okay maybe you didn't.

Anyway the saga of our wheel trims continues.  We got new springs for the 2 wheel trims for the camper that had not been supplied with them. We easily fitted one wheel but the other was very tight. I finally got it on but heard a snap as I did it. One of the plastic prongs broke. Never mind I thought at least its on and seems tight. Of course when we moved there was a lovely sound coming from the front left wheel.

Today I am stewarding in the gallery in town.

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