Monday, 18 August 2014

Red Kite over the River Towy

The above painting of a red kite over the River Towy was one of those that sold yesterday.

This morning I was up to take Jac out and then wrapping and packaging a painting. At the moment the Post Office seems to be my second home. Mind you it is quite hilarious what you can and can't post and what is not covered by insurance. From what I can see you are only covered for something that is totally unbreakable which kind of defeats the object. Anyway touch wood we have never had a problem so I can't complain its a pretty good service.

Actually thats not quite right. We did send a painting to Canada a few years ago with full tracking. In that case though the tracking only extended to showing it had arrived in Canada.  It didn't arrive, and after 3 months we got a cheque for the value of the painting. A result. So guess what, within a week of having the cheque we had an email to say the painting had arrived! I know they have harsh weather in winter out there but over 3 months to deliver a parcel? Oh and Yes, we did return the cash to the Post Office!

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