Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sheep in the shade

The above painting of sheep in the shade sold yesterday when I was in the gallery. I met a lot of interesting people (and probably bored quite a few talking about painting techniques and trends). I have quite a bit of work to do now as my painting stock is pretty low.

Yesterday Alex looked after two of our grandchildren. The eldest grandson is quite keen on cooking although being only 9 he is equally keen on eating good food, so my sister made a nice crumble with him and Alex made a steak pie.

Apparently he went out with our daughter and son in law for a meal recently.
He looked at the menu and said,

"Can I have the lamb shank with a side order of prawns wrapped in prosciutto ham and extra chips?"
The answer was no but he did have the lamb shank which was apparently huge. He ate the lot and had dessert.

On another occasion our daughter made him an omelette and presented it to him.
He took a mouthful, looked up and said,

"So where do you think it started to go wrong?"

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