Friday, 15 August 2014


The above painting of Solva sold this week. A lovely spot that we used to sail into. The other day my sister took two of the grandchildren to Newton House where they had a wonderful time trying on servants clothes, sharpening knives (?) and other activities. The same two are coming to stop with us next weekend.

Apparently the youngest who is five years old asked her Mom:

"Do Nanny and Grandad like us stopping with them?"
Mom, "Yes of course."
"Well Nanny says she likes having us. Grandad says "Hello Worm."" Err.. okay guilty.
They then explained to her it was probably a term of endearment. She apparently then went around saying "Hello worm!" to her elder brother all night.

(Oh.. by the way of course we love having them!)

I have visit this morning regarding another commission and then on to the exhibition.

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