Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Salty Air

The painting above is one of a series I once did of cliff faces. They were large pieces 5ft x 1.5ft. flat and tending towards abstraction.
I am not sure why I did them they were not for any commercial purpose but I was inspired by the rocks of the Pembrokeshire Coast I guess?  Anyway the above one is of a section of Chapel Beach Bay. The works all disappeared in a clearout and I found this image which reminded me of days pottering around the coast under sail with sun and salty air.

I had an unexpected present yesterday from my brother. He sent me a cook book through the post. He is an artist, writer who lives abroad speaks Czech, medieval english, latin and anglo saxon. I suppose you could call him eccentric or I suppose "artist" pretty well sums it up. I haven't seen him in years but we have the occasional exchange of greetings on the internet. So when you read this Tony thanks!

Must get off to the exhibition now.

Link at the river  Sand dunes and salty air bear with this if you haven't heard it before Patti Page has a lovely sultry voice.

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