Thursday, 14 August 2014

Walk away

I had to laugh. I was in the exhibition yesterday and sat by my easel where I had been painting when a woman came over. She was looking at the paintings next to me when she saw the above picture. She looked at it for a while then rushed out.

A short while later she returned with her husband - partner in tow. I caught some of the conversation, "I love it," being her contribution.
I looked at the man and thought he was going to have a panic attack. I swear he went carmine red. I am not sure what he said but I can guess.The next minute he put his arm around her and escorted her straight out as if she was in protective custody. I think if he'd had a blanket he would have thrown it over her head.

It did put me in mind of being in shoe shops with Alex so I was not without some sympathy for the man.

Link this kind of ties in with a quote by Dodinsky that John Cox shared the other day Walk away

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