Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Time on our hands

I am not sure how many paintings I have done in the last ten years, some thousands, a lot. I have filled watercolour books and cartridge field books and done studies along with full paintings. I have painted most days. However I only catalogue paintings if they are framed. Those that are chosen to be framed are generally the ones we believe to be most saleable and mostly from this area. I paint when we go away but these are for my own pleasure and don't see a frame.

If paintings dont sell after being shown for around two years they are generally scrapped along with others that are not framed. About 86-90% of catalogued paintings sell so either we are choosing the right ones or more could sell if we kept them longer.  Who knows? (In any case we are very fortunate).

A very few we keep for ourselves that I will not sell. The painting above is a case in point I guess it was my birthday during the last few days that prompted me to think about this painting. (Note to self must get my free bus pass). Anyway I painted it quite a few years ago. It is not for sale as I am quite attached to it. The setting is in Red Street Carmarthen.

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