Thursday, 20 March 2014


Harlech Castle

Normally we go to North Wales for a couple of weeks around this time of year. We generally stop in Harlech. It has a great beach but the town itself has seen better days. This year we have decided not to go. We will be off somewhere with the camper not sure where yet. Jac loves going in the camper he gets lots of walks and is spoilt rotten.

We only have  one pet Jac  (when we are not a boarding kennel for the family) but we have had cats in the past. 

Some years ago just before Christmas I heard a noise and went to the front door with the dog. I opened the door and a black cat ran past me and shot into the living room making himself comfortable on the sofa. He had come to stay. No amount of persuading would move him and he was quite wild although of a tolerant disposition. That is he would allow you to feed him and shelter him but wasn’t keen on being fussed. Although he would sometimes jump on my lap when I least expected it. Merlin (as we called the cat) paid him no attention whatever to our dog. One look from the cat would send the dog to sulk in the corner.

It wasn’t so much that we had a cat but we had a lodger.

Our neighbours also experienced Merlin’s idiosyncrasies. One night Wendy our neighbour was in bed when she was awoken by something. 

She said, “Mike what’s that on the bed?”

He replied, “It’s the cat.”

Wendy, “But we haven’t got a cat.”

Merlin had climbed on their roof and got in through a velux and made himself comfortable on their bed.

On another occasion Mike ran out into the road to stop another neighbour driving up the road. Merlin was on the car roof facing forward apparently enjoying the ride.

Merlin stopped with us for two or three years and then moved into a house at the top of the road ~ just like that. We would see him from time to time but he largely ignored us. He didn’t write and he didn’t call!

Tomorrow we have some of the grandchildren. Another!!"!! insect day for the teachers. I think it is just an excuse for another day off for them. Of course I am always pleased to have the grandchildren for the day!

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