Friday, 14 March 2014

These mist covered mountains

With all the work going on at home it has been impossible to do any painting. So yesterday being a glorious day Alex and I decided to go to Llansteffan. I could do a painting, Jac could go for a run on the beach and we could finish off by going to visit friends.  A simple plan, what could go wrong?

Well we hadn't accounted for the mischievous gods. As we approached Llansteffan we could see........nothing. There was a huge bank of sea mist covering the estuary. We got on the beach and visibility was less than 50m. We couldn't see the castle, the sea, the green, or the car park. We were even a bit concerned with Jac getting lost (yes he's a bit dumb, my side of the family I guess). So we went to visit friends instead.

The painting above is an old watercolour. I used to do mainly watercolours but now I mainly use watercolours for sketches done outside for reference or just pleasure.

I have been watching David Cowdry's work coming on for his exhibition at Aberglasney. It looks to me to be his best work ever. The man is a true master of his art. Have a look yourself:

Link I was going to do These Mist Covered Mountains but couldn't find a decent video but this is a good old one

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