Friday, 28 March 2014

David Cowdry Exhibition Aberglasney

So pictured above is a drawing I did of the outbuildings at Aberglasney.
On the question of drawing I feel these days it is very much underated as: a pastime, basic excercise for an artist, or an end in itself.
Drawing contains most of the requisite skills for the artist:
The ability to frame a decent subject.
The ability to draught an image in proportion to reality.
The ability to identify the relevant values(tones).
The skill to put this together.
I admit I dont draw as often as I should but I do undertake numerous sketches from some of which I produce paintings. A sketch to me is a short hand form of recording information allowing me to use it at a later date if required and may take anything from 2 -10 minutes. My drawings may take anything up to 3 hours and are generally a finished article in themselves although I rarely sell them or even keep them.

It is the opening of David Cowdry's Exhibition at Aberglasney tonight. if you get the chance to go to see it this week do so its not to be missed.

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