Sunday, 2 March 2014

Scarlets - Stradey Park

I just love rugby, watching of course. I did play it at school and up until I was about 21 but I was pretty average (if that). I remember the one playing field we used to play on was also used by the sheep to graze and it was a real disincentive to tackle anyone but inevitably we all came off covered in sheep.... One incident I do recall was the cross bar falling off the posts and hitting one lad on the head and laying him out much to everyone's amusement!  I guess these days the school would be sued and you wouldn't be allowed to play in animal manure. What is the world coming to?

The painting above is an old one and is of Stradey Park. It is as I recall now hanging in the home of a retired Scottish International.

Last night I went with our son and one granddaughter to Parc y Scarlets to watch Scarlets play Munster. It was a great game that had everything including importantly the right result. During the game my son told me that he had arranged a special surprise for me. (I have a significant birthday this week). When people tell me they have a surprise I tend to get apprehensive. I have had a few surprises over the years some out of my comfort zone but all really good. Anyway he told me he had arranged a firework display. I thanked him and asked when.
"After the game." he said and laughed.
Well there was a display of fireworks but of course they were nothing to do with him or me but well regardless of that I was happy to take it as a nice gesture from him and the club!! At least it wasn't a balloon trip or another parachute jump!!

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