Tuesday, 11 March 2014


If I had been any good at rugby I could have chosen to play for either Wales, Scotland or England.
I have a somewhat mixed geneology. Following my family history has been both interesting and frustrating. We had a clergyman who ended up in Bedlam lunatic asylum and a grandfather who went to South America under a false name (I still have the passport he used). He had been working for a jewellers at the time whether the two things are related who knows? He ended up propecting for gold.
Anyway my painting above was done years ago from an old black and white photo of my mother's grandfather. He was a Thomas Brown from Ayrshire.The painting was about 36ins x 24 ins? It was as I recall painted freehand using the brush to make initial boundaries and then blocked in. The whole thing was done in a morning when I was working in the Lounge Gallery, Carmarthen. At the time I was specialising in portraits and did quite a few of peoples ancestors for them. I no longer do portraits, well only family members as and when I have the inclination and I can find someone to sit for a good while.

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