Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Holy Cross Church Mwnt

I finished the above painting today. It is of The Holy Cross Church in Mwnt.
I think this is a special place as yet unspoilt. We used to bring the children here when they were young and I still have a soft spot for it. The sky is titanium white, french ultramarine with a minute trace of a high croma yellow. The grass is mainly a base mixed using yellow ochre and a black. The top is mainly chrome yellow and french ultramarine and varying degrees of titanium white.

Last night we watched Silk a TV program about barristers /and senior barristers called QC's -Queens Counsel. It reminded me of an incident I dealt with many many years ago. At that time officers were encouraged to use their discretion. (This is something that was going out when I came to the end of my service as a police officer).

Anyway I caught a young lad breaking a shop window. He was pretty drunk and very upset. I took him to the police station. I didn't charge him but spent some time trying to talk to him and finally established his father had died suddenly and he had come home from university and the funeral had been that day. This was no excuse for his behaviour but it did explain it to me. He had no previous convictions. He was in his last year of studying for his degree. I went to see the family who were doubly distraught and then the shop owner and explained what had happened.  I managed to get the shopkeeper the money for his window. He was happy and declined to press charges. The boy was released and went on to have a productive life. The last I heard he had a successful career as a criminal lawyer and apparently had just been accepted as a barrister. For me this was a good result. Anyway things didn't always turn out like this.  Still you can't win them all.

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