Saturday, 15 March 2014

Pet Hates

I have a few pet hates. Some are quite logical some are just down to my personality I guess.
One of my pet hates is seeing a watercolour for sale that has cockled. A cockled painting is effectively wrinkled to some extent due generally to the fact it wasn't stretched properly before the painting started.

Unfortunately a while ago I chose a board with an already stretched piece of paper on it. The tape had started to lift but I thought I would risk using it.

The result is shown above. Oh well. The painting had cockled, not much but enough for me to see it.   It is possible to reduce the cockling but this one was relegated to the bin. At the end of the day it pays to do things properly and if you have any doubts don’t waste time start with good paper that is properly prepared. I had to start again with a new sheet of paper and all went well. The painting sold.

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