Sunday, 16 March 2014

Tenby Low Tide

I like Tenby but not so much the traffic so we tend to go there out of season. We have actually sailed there and dried out on the beach which was a far more civilised way to travel there. Sailing across Carmarthen Bay around Caldey just for the views then anchoring in shallow water waiting for the tide to go out.

We also had one memorable weekend there when I was a Detective Inspector. A weekend away was organised and the squad had some downtime. Alex and I had a room overlooking the bay which was fantastic. Arrival started with champagne, drinks, a pool tournament,drinks, dinner, dancing (of some description) and the rest of the weekend fades into mist. The police tend to work and play hard.
To be honest it is a good release valve considering everything they have to deal with and is to be expected.

The watercolour above is of Tenby at Low Tide. It is a simple painting suited to watercolour. I did it a few years ago and it sold not long after.

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