Saturday, 8 March 2014

River Towy at Tan yr Rhallt, Carmarthen

Here is the painting that I did down by the river yesterday. You can see Tan yr Rhallt Farm beneath the woods and the River Towy as it sweeps right in a large bend. I guess its obvious but the prime colour (not primary colour) is green and the second colour is umber. So a deliberately limited palette.

 I was keen to show the ridges in the hill I am never sure if they are a geological feature or caused by sheep. The river was pretty mucky and a few things went passed as I was painting including a large tree and a lorry wheel/tyre. I think the foreground could be improved (lightened) but I will probably leave it. It was just a nice morning's painting.

This morning I was awoken to Mal Pope greeting me on Radio Wales. Thanks Mal. I have walked the dogs now for a busy family day ahead.

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