Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wind and Rain

It has been a windy night and it reminded me of our sailing days. The painting above is of our last yacht Sapphire close hauled with full sail.
One occassion in an older yacht we spent 7 days sheltering under a weather shore from a strong easterly. We had two bow anchors out with all our chain. Although the wind was flying over the top of us we were safe and secure as long as the wind dindn't change direction. That week was spent reading and playing cribbage by the light of an oil lamp.  The only down side was taking the dog ashore twice a day this meant lowering the dog into a tender (dinghy) and rowing him ashore. This could be tricky but all went well.
Nowadays I am finally content to listen to the wind and rain from the comfort of the house although I wish the roof didnt leak, (something to be sorted when we have a period of dry weather!).
Today we are taking some work to another outlet.

Link one of my favourite groups I was fortunate enough to see:


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