Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Gower in Mist from Cefn Sidan

Here is the painting I did on the beach two days ago. The Gower was surrounded by sea mist which made for a "nice" subject. There were also wading birds in the near distance, curlew, oystercatchers and the like.

I note that I used the word "nice" there. So what's in a word? Well quite a lot actually because for some words (other than superlatives like, "Brilliant") they can mean  different things to different people.

The word nice can be taken to mean average, boring, nothing special? For me it means a warm feeling an adjective conveying comfort.  When my mother used to see my paintings she occasionally would say, "Thats fun." For her that was code for, "No its not for me, I don't like it."
When Alex has doubts about a painting she will say,"Yes...yes." Followed by "Its not one of my favourites."

All this may seem accademic but occasionally when I look at someone's work and say, "Yes its nice," I  see that look on their face like I have hit them with a wet fish. I then have to explain what it is I mean. Maybe I should just say everything is brilliant.

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