Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The exploration of mark-making...

The above painting is an example of my recent work. It is an an exploration of the irreducible act of mark-making which delves into the connectedness of the real and the abstract. This is achieved by alluding to tropes of the built environment. It is essentially an investigation of the mimetic process...

Sorry I can't go on of course it isn't anything of the sort I borrowed the above bits from an artists statement generator.

I just couldn't avoid a poke in the eye to the "Artist's Statement" that accompanies and tries to justify many obscure/weird " art works?" and occasionally some very good ones (which is a pity as it makes it hard to take the work seriously).

The above is actually the start of a new painting and I have used a ground of french ultramarine and turps.
Any ideas on what it is going to be? I should finish it tomorrow.

A clue okay Joseph Mallord William Turner also painted this.


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