Sunday, 16 February 2014

Portrait of the artist's mother.

The above painting is one I did of my mother about ten years ago. Now in fairness to her she was quite happy to sit for the portrait and she hardly moved. The painting was about 48ins x 30ins. I stretched the canvas myself for this painting to get the size I wanted.

The size and proportions of canvas were carefully regulated by artists in previous centuries. A "Head" size painting in the nineteenth century was generally 24ins x 20ins although Joshua Reynolds actually used 30ins x 25ins as a "Head "size. For half size and full length there were other formulae. e.g. "Whole Length size" 72ins x 50ins. For landscape paintings artists intially used portrait sizes turned 90 degrees.

These days most artists choose whatever is appropriate to the subject they are painting and also allow for the fact that houses are smaller so inevitably people can't hang large canvases.

We have our prints done by one of the best fine art printers in the country ( they are nationally recognised and have won awards as such). Alex prints our cards on high quality paper and uses good quality inks. Many people buy them and frame them.

Yesterday I asked her if she needed me to order any more inks and if so what colours.
Alex replied, " Yes, we are running out of magnolia."
Hmm, okay. Should that be magenta?

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