Monday, 24 February 2014


I found another image of a still life I was referring to yesterday. The trick with it is not to copy the pattern but appear to. That may sound odd but the eye will fill in a lot that isn't actually there.

The other day I was in the checkout queue in Tesco's when we were spied by our eldest granddaughter and her boyfriend. Now she is a real credit to the family and he is a lovely boy so we are very lucky. Anyway it had been his birthday recently and he came over and thanked us for his present. He threw his arms around Alex and gave her a big hug thanking her. He turned to me and as I was saying,"That's okay no need to hug me," He threw his arms around me and gave me a big man hug smacking me on the back. I saw Alex smiling/laughing at my embarrassment. I guess I am from a different era. The sun was setting on the British Empire when I was born but it was still there. I was brought up greeting people in a more formal manner. A peck on the cheek for mother and a strong handshake for a man was as close as you got embracing. Man hugs hadn't been invented.
To greet a woman you either nodded and said,"hello" or gently shook her hand if offered.

I have kind of got into it as all the male members of the family do this quite naturally but to be honest it does leave me wondering whether to hug a man or woman peck them on the cheek or just run.

Anyway the link is a bit tentative but I like the song    Hello

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