Monday, 3 February 2014

Talley Abbey

Bit non stop today. Out with the dog, breakfast, gym, off to see my mom, walk the dog, lunch then finish the painting above. This is a painting of Talley Abbey a ruin near Llandeilo. It was a monastery of the white canons so I believe.
I kept to a fairly limited pallette and painted straight from the off. I enjoy painting like that although it isn't always feasible.
I have mentioned I am learning to play the piano. Well I can now read the music in its simplest form and play most of the notes in the right order. My issue is and I knew it would be rythm, or time. I cant dance, Alex will say, "Can't you here the beat?" Well no actually I can't if I could I might be able to dance. I could never march far without getting out of step. When I go to a concert I am reluctant to join in with , "Okay everybody put your hands in the air..." I quickly find everybody else has got out of synch with me and are half a handclap in front or behind. So natural timing or rythm is an issue and even with the simplest of tunes it is hard work getting it anywhere near right and counting out 1,2,3,4 etc. All that being said it is a new challenge and so far so good (unless you happen to be listening to it of course).

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