Sunday, 2 February 2014

Wales Lineout - Richard Hibbard

Yesterday we went to watch the game in Cardiff, Walas v Italy. We had to leave Carmarthen late as both our son and eldest grandaughter's boyfriend were working until 12.30pm. We had a full carload fortunately the Zaffira has 7 seats.. Vince is Italian and is the father of our grandaughters boyfriend so we also had full representation. Alex was still suffering a bit from a "late night " on Friday but was fortunately fine to drive back. We parked got the bus in and got to our seats with beer just in time for the anthems.
Great seats courtesy of our son. I was happy enough with the game although there were mistakes my only concern was the scrum which wasn't convincing. Anyway a win and a good start to the Six Nations. We had a good view of the lineouts and I have done a sketch of Richard Hibbard about to throw in with Mike Phillips ready to receive.
After the game we walked back to the car park as the Park and ride bus was outnumbered about 2000 to one.
Back in Carmarthen a lamb dinner was waiting and we had the pleasure of watching the England game. A perfect end to the day.

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