Monday, 10 February 2014

Sketch of Lisbon

I am often asked why I do a daily blog. Well there are a few reasons but the main one is that my work is searchable and generally comes very high on google's images. As a result I get all sorts of contacts mainly to do with purchasing or having work done but also just nice comments and general enquiries. It doesn't take that long to do the blog and I haven't run out of subjects yet!

An example is an email I had today from Lisbon.  I was asked if I would allow the above image to be used on a flyer for a National Meeting of Students in Lisbon. I had posted the blog in Nov. 2012 with the above image and a search for "Lisbon Paintings" brought it up in the first 20 images
So it is nice to see your work being appreciated and used across the world. The watercolour itself was done as the ship was approaching the dock and I had to work very quickly as the scene was changing constantly.

I was in the gallery most of the day. I may get to do some painting tomorrow.

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