Sunday, 23 February 2014

Love and Affection

I paint all sorts but I suppose mainly landscape and coastal scenes. I will paint something different from time to time,  cars, planes, shipping, people, and still life. The still life above is an example. I have painted a couple of series of still life works, some with willow pattern or mandalay china. These can be a little tiring on the eyes when painting. The bottle in the painting above came from our garden when we lived in Brecon. We got all sorts out of the garden but this was the only whole item. (The crab didn't come out of the garden it came from the fishmongers).

I was listening the other morning to the World Service on Radio 4. It was an interview with the great singer song writer Joan Armatrading.  It was very interesting to listen to her describe her creative process. There were many similarities as to how I go about painting a picture. She had a solid grounding in music theory but the words came to her in an inspirational way and then she put in the music and technical base. During this process she was, "In the zone and wouldn't notice if you walked naked in to the room."

I can relate to this when I start painting I am pretty well oblivious to everything else, I often don't hear the phone or doorbell and forget about food luch.. I am not sure I would miss someone walk naked in to the room though! As it hasn't happenend (as far as I know) I guess I will never find out.

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