Friday, 7 February 2014

Pilglas - Moorings by moonlight

The above painting sold this week. It shows the moorings at Pilglas near Llansteffan.
Alex and I have spent quite a few nights on a boat on the moorings here. When the tide goes out it is a magnet for wading birds such as curlew, oyster catchers..

 One night the wind picked up from the south east and it became really uncomfortable. It was quite safe but there was no way we were going to get a good nights sleep. So about 11.30pm we got off the boat and made our way ashore. The moorings are really muddy and you need to know where to walk. Anyway we got pretty filthy dragging our dinghy over the mud in the dark. We got in our car and drove home. Our eldest daughter was living at home at the time. Much to her shame we walked in as she was entertaining several friends we hadn't met before. We were soaking wet and wearing wet weather gear plastered in mud.
She said." Oh no these are my parents!"
A glance in the mirror confirmed we did look quite bad.
I think she may have forgiven us by now.

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