Saturday, 8 February 2014


The oil painting above is an old one that I no longer have. It shows a fishing boat going passed the (as it was then) Texaco Jetties on the Milford Haven. The painting was about 4ft x 2ft.

I listened to a discussion on the radio the other morning about success. It got me thinking about the subject, well its something you do at 5am in the morning. In terms of my own personal life I measure success as the impact I have on other people. Basically my own family. We have brought up 3 good kids and that to me is success.

In terms of being a successful artist I don't measure myself against other people/ artists. I think to do so is a mistake although I do see others do it. No I am happy to be what I consider a competent artist. I can paint pretty well anything to a good standard after years of practice and experience. I don't need accolades or to be courted by the artistic cliques. I have sold hundreds of original paintings and thousands of cards and prints, so being successful is again about doing something that is appreciated by others. It is not about the amount your work can go for or how many prizes you win. It is about the self satisfaction of creating quality work that others appreciate.

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