Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I did the above watercolour of St Peter's Carmarthen in the snow yesterday. Alex wanted to do some new Christmas cards. Apart from that yesterday she was on a mission, framed a lot of prints and made mounts for originals.

It is the silly season again I note.The time of year for the Turner prize. It is one thing to be cutting edge and creative it is entirely another to strive to have the biggest gimmick to cover up for a lack of talent. I have no real issue with the participants (they may be artists I don't know) they are just taking advantage of the system that cons some of the public. I object to the pretentious critics who interpret and analise it and pretend it has some profound meaning. Not all works of art have any deep significant meaning and most certainly objects of derision (sorry Turner entries) in a similar manner may have no deep thought provoking concept.

 I like David Bowie and the words of his songs have been examined and interpreted by many pseudo intellectuals. At the end of the day  I understand that he just got headlines from newspapers and put them together. That does not detract from them being entertaining or a work of art in themselves, but don't tell me they contain the secret of life.
In a similar vein I admire the works of Salvador Dali which have been argued over as to their true context by art critics ad infinitum  whereas at the end the artist himself stated that he had no meaning for them thats just what he painted.

So when it comes to a pile of garbage generally what you see is what you get.

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