Sunday, 14 October 2012

Burry Port Lighthouse

The painting of Burry Port and the Gower above sold this week. The harbour area is now a very pleasant area and in fact the whole coastal region along to the Pembrey Country Park is an excellent "leisure facility".
It is not that long ago that the MOD were there and I remember going to use the skid pan on the old airfield.
Anyway it is a beautiful stretch of coast viewed from land or sea.
A little while back a yacht loaded with drugs was wrecked on the beach near here. The "sailors" had panicked somewhat due to some poor weather and ran the yacht up on the beach. Not the best action to take in bad weather as it is more dangerous than riding out the gale at sea. Many bales of cannabis were handed in by the public but I often wondered how many weren't. A bit like "whisky galore". Anyway the smugglers got away with it, well they got off the stricken yacht alive and wet only to be taken into custody for their trouble.

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