Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Garlieston House

Here is a watercolour sketch form my sketch book. I generally use Saunders Waterford not paper and take a spiral bound pad with me. This takes several washes and is a good quality paper. Occasionally I will use Bockingford which is whiter and more forgiving. Yesterday I changed the spitfire I realised the model I had painted should have a four blade prop and not three. No doubt this would be obvious to an enthusiast. Well anyway it now has the requisite amount.
Last night I went to the gym and tried self induced water boarding. I was finishing off on the bicycle and sat back to have a drink of water while still pedaling. I threw my head back but managed to pour the water down my nose rather than my mouth. I am obviously not good at multi-tasking. Anyway the result must have been quite entertaining to watch as I was peddling spluttering and blowing water everywhere at the same time.
Today I started on an oil painting of Kidwelly Castle. Now I have to collect the grandchildren from school.

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