Monday, 29 October 2012

Nature Walk

A watercolour sketch of Alex reading above. Normally this is a precursor to a good nap.

Many years ago longer than I care to remember I worked with a good number of ex servicemen. They had become Police Officers and had a fairly robust attitude to policing. Not too much interest in paperwork of which to be honest there wasn't a great deal. I suppose if you had fought your way across the fields of Normandy then walking down a high street on a Saturday night was a pretty relaxed affair. For the most part they dealt with issues as they came along in their own way.
An example was of a man who was a drunk and a pest who was habitually turning up in the Town and causing trouble. He had been arrested and appeared before the Court on many occasions but it did not deter him in the least. The next time he caused trouble he was apparently removed by Police car and taken out in to the wilds of nowhere in the dark and left to fend for himself. After his second nature walk he apparently got the message and avoided the Town. Now I appreciate this strategy could have gone wrong but this was in a different time with different attitudes. I often think about these men who are no longer with us and their service to the Country and what they would have thought about today's attitudes.

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