Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Card Players

No this is not one of my paintings but it is a lovely work. It is by Cezanne and is called the card players.
I love the palette of colours and although there is something very wrong about the way the player on the left has been drawn it doesn't take anything away from the painting at all.The painting above is a watercolour I did of Knott Square Carmarthen.
As a young man I used to go to the local pub and the regulars would be playing dominoes and crib. It was natural that I picked up and played these games.
Our daughter gave me a set of dominoes this Christmas, which we use in the camper van. When my father was alive Alex and I would play Bridge with my mom and dad but the only card games we play now are cribbage and dominoes. I am not sure how popular card games are these days but they are probably overshadowed by video games etc. which is a pity. I know things move on but sometimes I wish they wouldn't.

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