Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tenby ~ "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio"

I did the watercolour of Tenby yesterday. I have painted the fishing boat a couple of times from this and different angles.

You may have noted I am something of a skeptic by nature and experience. Occasionally however things come along which are quite inexplicable, hence the quote from Hamlet above.

My mother who everyone refers to as "Nan" is none too well and one of the few things that can get a response is a visit from the grandchildren. Now my daughter in law is really good and takes them pretty well every day for a visit.

Now the other day my daughter in law went to visit a clairvoyant in another town, I know, not for me either. Anyway she came back and saw my daughter. The clairvoyant had said to her "Maurice wants to thank you for visiting Nan."
Now how the clairvoyant had known that:
She was visiting Nan daily
or that we call her just  "Nan" is inexplicable.

My daughter in law then had to ask "who is Maurice?" Maurice was my father who died many years ago! How did the clairvoyant know that?

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