Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hand Me Downs

If only Alex listened to me like she does the vicar! I am not even sure if she is keen on me drawing in church, not that we go often. It is usually for funerals and the odd christening. Anyway its about the only time she sits still so its a good opportunity. You can see the basic construction lines of the sketch. Now the jacket is right it has three quarter length sleeves. Not like when I was a boy, having an elder brother I used to get his "hand me down" trousers and school uniform. My blazer started off looking like a bell tent on me and ended up being exchanged when I couldn't clap my hands because the arms were too tight. It was no great problem I wasn't alone, it was common in those days. In fact it was probably worse for a boy with a new blazer as the boys sitting  behind the posh kid would spend the lesson flicking ink over his new blazer and head. 

Looking back I realise I went to a very good school. Leastways I had a very good education until I left at 16. The building was old and cold with damp patches and many of the small windows were broken. We hardly noticed any of that . There was strict discipline and the ruler was common in most lessons accompanied by the flying blackboard rubber if you weren't paying attention. The cane was last used I believe on my brother who was caught somewhere he shouldn't have been, doing something he shouldn't have with a member of the opposite sex. 

Today I am in the Origin gallery in Carmarthen.

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