Monday, 15 October 2012

Sandpiper ~ Laugharne

I finished the above painting of Sandpiper a fishing boat on the foreshore at Laugharne this morning. I removed some of the detail of the boat as it was unnecessary and took away from the overall picture.

The other day I was tidying up when I picked up a magazine Alex had left open.
 I said to her," Did you want this?"
"Yes, I want to read the article."
I looked at the article it was titled  Mediation and solving work related issues between people. I was surprised she would take an interest in this unless I was a problem.
I said, " Why do you want to read this?"
"You know I do yoga and am interested in training the mind."
I said,"You know this says Mediation not meditation don't you ?"
She said something a bit rude and then added, "I suppose this will be in your blog." Er yes.
Anyway today Alex is very busy working on framing for the next exhibition.

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