Monday, 10 September 2012


As a boy I was interested in all technical things and for a while took to photography. This followed the receipt of a fantastic Christmas present a Kodak  Brownie 127. This would be about 1962. This camera was a bakelite point and shoot affair. Well I got into it and made my own dark room etc. I didn't have an enlarger as such although I do recall I used a series of lenses to make do.
You can see by the photo above that professional photographers would be worried by my efforts. To be honest I was probably more interested n playing with the chemicals than taking the pictures (well its a good excuse).

Anyway if you hadn't worked it out that is Stonehenge with my mother and sister decked out in the latest fashion for the time. I seem to be making an appearance at the bottom of the photo. In those days Stonehenge was open to the public. We would stop off on our way to visit my grandmother and grandfather in Hampshire, I believe we still had the old Lanchester at that time.
Suffice to say no career as a photographer beckoned but a pocket camera is still useful for capturing references for my work as an artist.

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