Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Many of the next images are from my sketch books this year.. I still haven't quite worked out Pixia so forgive some of the quality of the scans.
The above is a couple having an afternoon drink outside their caravan. Simple is good and it captures the moment.
Our one daughter is highly qualified in human biology has a degree in anatomy and one in physiotherapy. So when one day we were out as a family and I complained of a headache she stepped up to the plate.
 "What you need dad is an expresso."
Now I don't drink coffee at all but I took her at her word that she knew what she was doing. She ordered me an expresso a small bitter tasting thing. Why anyone would drink it for pleasure I don't know. Anyway sure enough after 10 minutes it had its effect. what had once been a bad headache became a raging migraine. I had to leave the restaurant with Alex and return home.
So now when she offers me advice I do tend to listen but at the back of my mind is that expresso.

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