Saturday, 8 September 2012

Scots Pine

Some shapes immediately appeal to me particularly trees. Being a landscape painter this is no surprise I guess. Some trees have a natural balance to their shape. The one above out of my sketch book for Scotland is a good example. There is a Scots Pine on the way to Cymffrwd that I would like to draw,but I have never got around to it. 
I was chatting briefly to Geraint the other day he is a fount of knowledge. He was referring to people I can relate to, Joe Bugner, Nicky Piper and others. I don't have much interest in boxing these days although I did  see Joe Calzaghe fight in Cardiff. Well that's not quite true.  A few of us went and arrived early evening. We had a meal and a few pints of Brains, made our way to the stadium. The fight started early morning and it was way past my bedtime. Inevitably I slept through most of it (although to be fair from where I was sat it looked like two ants in a matchbox so I wouldn't have seen much anyway).

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