Saturday, 22 September 2012

Join the Police

I have often been asked how I came to be in the Police Force ( yes it was the police force when I joined not the police service, life was simple you arrested bad people, protected the good people and demanded respect).
Why did I join? Well I would like to say that I wanted to help people or put something into the community but that would be untruthful. I wanted to go to art college but had no grant and nowhere to live. I had tried to become an apprentice stonemason (probably after reading Jude the Obscure), but there were no jobs or apprenticeships available. I wanted a job outside and somewhere to live. The police were badly paid and were short of numbers so if they had a uniform jacket to fit you you were in.

There would have been no chance of me getting in these days, it is very well paid and you need a degree in political correctness to even get an interview. The only degree I had was a degree of common sense although my drill sergeant would argue  that.

Anyway as I said they had a jacket that fitted and within 2 weeks I was in. They had some strange customs like initiation which I may go into another time. Did I regret joining? No I had a great time, albeit that I saw and  had to do some pretty terrible things. I saw all aspects of humanity and learnt what really is important in life.
Although things have certainly changed since my day the basic job is the same and I have the greatest respect for those that work in the British Police Service.

Today I finished off a watercolour.

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