Monday, 3 September 2012

Stage 2 Pre-Raphaelite Painting

This is the second stage of the Pre-Raphaelite painting. I have put in the cliffs with soft textured grass in a velvet style. I had to purchase a couple of colours I don't usually use to do this. Still it was worth it as the effect was what I wanted. The cliffs will naturally take the eye into the focal point of the painting.

When doing this painting it is important to work it through mentally. I painted it two or three times mentally to work out any snags. This ensures you don't get any nasty surprises when actually putting brush to board. For example running a blue glaze into a yellow one in the sky would not be clever (unless you want a green sky).
Anyway all going well so far. It should be finished this week. I have some watercolours to do as well so its going to be busy.
Alex is collecting prints from the printers today, pretty well an all day job.

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