Sunday, 30 September 2012

Llansteffan rain

The painting above of a couple on Llansteffan Beach was finished this week. Could be any day this summer really. Incidentally we occasionally get told that our spelling of Llanstephan is wrong. To clarify Llanstephan is the English way of spelling it and Llansteffan is the Welsh spelling. Our cards and prints are bi-lingual so we cover both. I tend to use Llansteffan but whatever.
I forgot to mention yesterday when I did the blog on peanut that I got a bit OCD. I initially painted the boat with just the mast and boom. For the purpose of the composition it was just fine. You are never going to put all the details in and you had sufficient information to let the eye fill in the rest. My sailing side however said it was incomplete and I painted in the furling jib that is the blue line going from the bow of the boat to near the top of the mast and I also added the spreaders the foils halfway up the mast that hold the rigging out to create a greater angle at the top. To be honest it didn't really improve the painting but I felt happier.
We had a pleasant evening at our son and daughter in law's last night. Although we watched the Scarlets throw away a good lead and lose to Treviso we had good food and company with two little girls flying all over the place for entertainment.
Today I am doing household chores while Alex is mounting prints.

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