Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Jonathan Bairstow

Okay well days don't always go as planned. I walked the dog, a beautiful morning stroll over the top of the valley. I was greeted by an old white pony that is being kept out to grass at the moment. (I felt guilty I hadn't picked an apple for him). Then off to the gym and a surprisingly energetic work out. Back to cut the lawns, trim the hedge, and prune the apple trees. I then sat for ten minutes watching the cricket. Unfortunately the ten minutes led into three hours. I regret to say it was probably wasted as England's batting was on the whole pretty lamentable.
So no painting done today, I did a few sketches while I watched, the one above is Jonathan Bairstow who played some decent shots. I confess here I love the game but I was no great player. I also met Alex at Edgbaston County Cricket Ground so reason enough to love the game!

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