Wednesday, 26 September 2012

St John Baptist Church Cirencester

Alex and I were recently in Cirencester a lovely town with plenty of subjects to paint. I don't do much with my paintings outside of Wales as a rule, I just do them form my own enjoyment. I tend to stand and paint off a watercolour pad for 20 minutes or thereabouts. Jac is normally attached to me and he is pretty good but can suffer from a low boredom threshold. While I am painting Alex is going around the shops so I also have to restrict my time. (There is  a direct correlation between the time Alex is shopping and the amount she spends!).
The painting above is slightly unusual in that I found a bench in the church yard so I sat and could draught a pretty accurate picture which is helpful in a complicated structure.
The Church itself is pretty spectacular and dates from 1115 with a huge perpendicular porch on the other side of the church.
Today I am starting a new oil painting.

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