Friday, 21 September 2012


Here is a simple little watercolour of a boat on a trailer in Garlieston. Our first real little boat was something like this and we had great fun in it pottering around and over the Bristol Channel.

I sometimes think back to my earliest memories. I have about three. Probably the earliest is when I was about 2 or 3 and the snow fell off our roof when I was playing in the street. (It obviously made some sort of impression on me, maybe I was easily impressed). I remember being told I was going to school! I remember going to school on my first day. I enjoyed junior and infant school but didn't like secondary school and left at 16 although to be fair they gave me a good education.

In the junior school our toilets were outside in the open air, literally there was no roof on it although the cubicles were covered. The boys used to compete to see how high up the wall they could aim. (A bit gross I know but boys will be boys). I should really do a sketch of that!

No doubt a psychologist can read something into all that.

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