Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Culderry House Garlieston

The watercolour above is of Culderry House in Garlieston. All I know about it is it is a listed house but it took my eye sat in amongst the trees.
Jac and I used to treat ourselves to an ice cream and sit on the bench overlooking the bay nearby. I would have a Magnum and he would have a tub of Vanilla. Not really good for you but heh lets live life to the full !
Today I have done a couple of sketches.
We stayed on the caravan club site at Garlieston and had a spot right on the quay wall. It was ideal, odd thing though after we had parked the camper and connected the electric.... the warden came over and told us to move the camper 2 ft over so the site peg was in the middle of the back of the van. Now we only took up a portion of our pitch whilst caravans had cars and took up the whole of their pitch so we had placed it to leave most room on either side. We had however broken the regulation by 2ft, well hang my head in shame.
I gave Alex a warning look, we didn't argue we just unhooked everything and moved over. I do swear I heard Jac muttering, "knob," under his breath.

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